by Nigel Wright

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A relic from my teens, remastered during the snowy last week of January 2016.


released September 2, 2010

written and produced by Nigel Wright (
cover photograph by Whittier Wright (



all rights reserved


Nigel Wright Jasper, Georgia

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Track Name: The Retreat
follow me down to my murky river
here the lights come only in the shape of fire
and if you're scared I hear
it's best to hold your breath
hold your breath
hold your breath
there's no need for that now
as long as
the end finds retreat
my mind finds retreat
her minds found retreat
here i plan to kill my blue and green desires
Track Name: Upside
I'm not an awfully complex guy
or very hard to understand
i'm just a little lonely
so I hope you understand
and not cast me aside
I'm kind of nice to have around
oh how you've turned my world upside down

oh how I wish I could hide
in the place I know
my dog has not died
and the snow falls upside down

god I can't stand this joke
give me some different hope
Track Name: This Far
I've come this far
retaining as sense of adventure
at the age of sixteen
so how is it the good dreams
are the ones I can't seem to remember
it's too bad he's such a nice guy
it's too bad he's such a nice guy

so I redefining my tracks
so I working on looking back

quiet corner
don't fail me now
no not now

I'm fighting this indecision
oh my decision
it's closer than that cloud
that storm grey cloud
Track Name: Advance
the joy of being on my own
of the spontaneous and unexpected
it thickens the air around here
and due to the water and his god
it remains sacred
what a shame
they fell
for the frost
or so I'm told

I'm just a rabbit on a road
sick of its burrow
and those who refuse to fight alone

running backwards on a cobble stone
I promise if you stay here at home
I'll always run in advance

I'll always run in advance
I'll always run in advance
just take it all in advance

I'm just a rabbit on a road
Track Name: Barriers
settle here in a quiet town
in the homesickness I found
saturated in its own glow
for now
for now
I'll stay barely below

it rings out across the water
out of key
and it builds barriers which separate
you from me

out of the articulate and profound things to say
and all that got left behind on the way
the way
one more worthless rhyme

well it'd be unfair to say it was
I prefer it broken just because
for a season I can replace
my obsession for a girl
for a girl
for a girl
Track Name: I'll Keep you Company
remove the palm from the nail
and pour the blood from the pail
he wouldn't stay long
to see

well I'll keep you company
'til the coffee wears off
and I'll break the silence
if he refuses to talk

we'll would it be a gamble to seek
somewhere less frozen
just clear the channel
and leave what was always chosen

now winston
I'm sure he love you too
just remember winston
I'll always care
I'll always care
for you

though all is fair in love and war
you mange to always win
he wouldn't stay long
to see
Track Name: Solid Muse
roll down that window
the chill is not so bad
don't resist the airflow
it's from our hearts
and not the cold

well i could be rid of you yet
you make me feel so safe
so safe

dear I could wait
but I hate being told
I'm tired of this place
and I have no excuse

and I've wasted so much time cracking a solid muse
something your rarely see
and never get to use

my belly's aching
and this bait isn't taking
I swear
you've wouldn't recover
my plastic December
Track Name: Millfoil
it's not the outpour you were hoping for
blue sky's breath stole it away
but the feeling will return
once the winter burns out

oh my meadow song
your role was meant for someone
owning a stronger gaze

thin arms would you declare
it best to leave the comfort
of the thaw
for a cause you can explain

cause nothing matters
nothing matters
on a day that rains

well my heart changed
when yours didn't do the same
now the paint's dried
on what's refuse to hide

what we want simple but out of reach
my instinct cleared the floor
a present you could keep
but i don't feel like that anymore